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Flat Bed Truck
Flat Bed Truck
Flat Bed Truck


TDS flatbed truck is equipped with an open trailer or bed that allows you to load your cargo directly onto it. There’s no roof and no walls to get in the way of your cargo — or your loaders.

The size and weight available for cargo will depend on the type of truck and trailer you have. The bed of a flatbed truck has secure catches around its edge.

Environment security is on the other hand outfitted by genuinely ‘sheeting’ the stack with a covering, held someplace close to ropes.

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How It Works

TDS trucking services provides transport services for goods and products from the manufacturing/production point to the consumers, using trucks. The carrying capacity is usually vast since it directly links a producer. TDS uses several trucks and trailers of different types or fleets as per consumer requirement to convey supplies to meet the end-user demands.